About me

My name is Sam Cooper and I am a freelance camera assistant and operator! I studied at Ravensbourne University London where I received a 1st class Bachelor of Arts (Hon's) Degree in Digital Film Production and discovered my love for the camera department.

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Throughout my time at university I discovered that it's the camera department that sparks my imagination and naturally draws me to filmmaking. As a result of this I am now in the industry as an aspiring cinematographer.

I am currently working throughout the British film industry as an AC and operator and learning the skills and techniques that will hopefully result in myself being able to be a DOP in the industry one day. Skills such as focus pulling, clapper loading, building the camera, teradeksystems, timecode etc...


I have worked in these roles throughout university, not just through our own projects but also external work on TV Pilots and short films that have inspired me to pursue my career in the camera department.

I am also fully kitted as an AC with everything I need, including wireless follow focus, tools, consumables, slates, tapes and so much more!

Please check out my CV below: