About me

My name is Sam Cooper and I am a freelance camera trainee & assistant! I studied at Ravensbourne University London where I received a 1st class Bachelor of Arts (Hon's) Degree in Digital Film Production and discovered my love for the camera department.

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This is


Throughout my time at university I discovered that it's the camera department that sparks my imagination and naturally draws me to filmmaking. As a result of this I am now in the industry as an aspiring cinematographer.

I am currently working throughout the British film industry as an AC on short films and learning the skills and techniques that will hopefully result in myself being able to be a DOP in the industry one day. Skills such as focus pulling, clapper loading, building the camera, teradek systems, timecode etc...


More recently I have begun my journey in the HETV world as a camera trainee working for DOP's such as David Higgs (BSC).

I am also fully kitted as a member of the camera department with everything I need, including wireless follow focus, tools, consumables, slates, tapes and so much more!